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Chicken Wings comics
The folks at this site post many humorous aviation related comic strips, they have graciously given us permission to use some of them in our newsletter.

Ted Williams
An interesting site with a local connection is This is the web site of local artist Ted Williams. His new book of aircraft art is soon to be published. An article in the D&C on 5/1/02 featured this book.
This site is loaded with aircraft pictures.
This site is a complete tutorial on the process of vacuum bagging which is a fairly new technique for creating thin, strong, light wings and rotors.

British Columbia Air Museum
Web site of the British Columbia Air Museum, I think Mark gave me this link because he likes the sound.



Flying Heritage Collection
A museum developed by Paul Allen of Microsoft

Aircraft Engine Historical Society 
A great site for information on all sorts of aircraft engines.

National Warplane Museum
A Museum located in Geneseo New York

Wings of Eagles Discovery Center
Located in Elmira New York

The National Soaring Museum  
Also located in Elmira New York

Intrepid Sea Air and Space Museum
Located in New York City, the USS Intrepid is a floating museum.

Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome
Interested in Pre-world War II aircraft? This is the place you've got to go.

Glenn H. Curtiss Museum
Featuring many displays of early aircraft.



Buffalo and Erie County Naval & Military Park
Primarily a Naval Museum with a Guided Missile Cruiser, a Destroyer and a Submarine floating in the river, this museum also has several aircraft on display.

Wings over Kansas
Features the history of aviation in Kansas.
This web site has an amazing amount of information on current and WW II era aircraft, ships and other military hardware. Note that this web site originates in Czechoslovakia and parts of it are written in Czech only, however much of it is also in English.

NASA Dryden Flight Research Photo Gallery
Has a collection of photos of that aircraft that have flown at Dryden from the 1940's to the present. Includes solar powered aircraft, human powered aircraft, modern jets and many of the X-planes 


Information on buying a drone 

FAA UAS registration

FAA drone report video


Academy of Model Aeronautics
The site of the Academy of Model Aeronautics, this is the national organization governing Radio Control Modeling.

AMA District II (NY, NJ)
This site is set up by the NY/NJ district of the Academy of Model Aeronautics. Event calendar and links to other RC sites.

Canandaigua C.H.I.E.F.S. RC Model Flying Club
Club based in Canandaigua, NY and hosts an excellent auction every spring and usually hosts at least one float fly each year.

Olean Stars

RAMS Rochester Aero Modeling Society is a local Rochester, NY area Radio Control Airplane Modeling club. (Western New York, East of Buffalo)

This site belongs to the Radio Control Club of Rochester, one of the largest clubs in the Rochester, NY area.

The Flying Knights The Flying Knights of Hamburg, New York (near Buffalo) They sponsor a long running scale meet every year,

Syracuse Thunderbirds Aero Radio Society (S.T.A.R.S.)
The Syracuse Thunderbirds are based in Phoenix, NY near  Syracuse.


The  publisher of Model Airplane News , Flight Journal and other modeling related publications.



Another site with a lot of great research information. Pictures, Info on manufacturers, a database of movies with airplanes in them, message board and museum list.

This site has an amazing collection of photos of commercial airliners.
This may not sound all that exciting but it's worth a visit. Check out the "Most popular of all time". Amazing pictures of planes on approach into St. Martins where the planes approach takes them about 100' above the beach. Photos of some very hairy landings, the Hong Kong airport seems to have more than it's share, remind me never to fly there. You can search for photos by airport. Entering Rochester NY brings up a number of pictures. Many other features worth checkng out.

Bud Andersons Home Page
Web site of Bud Anderson, the pilot of the P51 "Old Crow". A triple ace, squadron mate of Chuck Yeager and air show pilot. An interesting side note for you NASCAR fans, is that the "Old Crow" he currently flies, is owned by Jack Roush of Roush Racing.

How Aircraft Carriers Work

History of the Airplane: Wright Brothers Aeroplane Co.

Warbirds Resource Group
As the name implies a source for information on warbirds. It has separate areas for American, British, Russian German aircraft.

Luft 46
The site concentrates on WW II German aircraft.


R/C Online
This site contains a large forum where you can post questions and answer other modelers questions. It also has a swap area where you can post and view items for sale.

Top /
National Free Flight Society site
Thayer Syme's free flight site:
Tim Goldstein's indoor modeling site


Note: GVAM is providing these links as a service to our members, we are not endorsing any particular manufacturer and strongly recommend checking local suppliers for your hobby needs first. If local suppliers can not meet your needs one of these suppliers may be able to help you out.

Supplier of helicopter related supplies and kits.

Hobby Lobby - The distributor sells a wide variety of R/C equipment but specializes in electric, park flyers, gliders and boats with a smaller selection of glow powered planes. Many of their products are imported from Europe so they have some unique items that you will not find elsewhere.
For those of you that think flying in a blizzard is great sport this is the place for you. They have a neat insulated glove that encloses both you hands and your radio protecting them from wind, rain and the cold. We certainly don't want the radios getting cold.


Sig is one of the major manufacturers of R/C aircraft. In particular they are noted for their Senior and Seniorta among others. 

Trexler Balloon Wheel Company  
Maker of inflatable balloon wheel tires for model airplanes. 

Tower Hobbies
Mail order supplies and links to many other RC related sites.



This great site gives detailed, to-the-second, information on man-made earth satellites that are visible to the naked eye. Choose your location from its huge database and find out exactly when you can step outdoors and watch the International Space Station, Space Shuttle and many other satellites as they pass overhead. You can register (to save your favorite viewing locations) or use the site anonymously.
Click "change location" to select your viewing location. Then you get an interactive sky chart, adjustable by date, hour and minute, showing the major objects visible in the night sky (such as planets, stars, constellations, even comets).


If you know of a  link that you think would be a good addition please e-mail me at please include the address of the site and a brief description so I can place it in a category with a description.