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G.V.A.M. Photo Pages

Photos from the 2007 Picnic (From Walt Judd)

Photos from the April 2007 meeting of Members Winter Projects

Photos taken at the G.V.A.M. field, at various G.V.A.M. functions and of members planes

Photos of various Full Scale air shows and aircraft

Photos of from various R/C air shows

Annual Frozen Finger Fun Fly Photos

Honeoye, NY Memorial Day 2002

Note: I do not want these pages to become a personal photo gallery. I encourage our members to submit photos to be posted on these pages. The preferred format is a fairly hi-res jpeg however I can convert most standard formats, you can either get them to me on disk or via e-mail. If you have a print you would like posted I can scan the print and return the original. 

Also, I am trying to keep download times as short as possible so I am keeping the images relatively small. Any feedback regarding the way you would like to see images displayed is welcome.

Please give me a call or e-mail me at